Bernadette PeetsBernadette Peets

Artist Statement


Bernadette has explored many themes over the past 25 years of her art practice and while she has mainly used painting as her medium she has also included three dimensional installation work as well as other pictorial means using layered images on clear acrylic sheets in shadow boxes of varying depths and printing on both paper and canvas.

I am interested in colour, the physical sensation of spreading paint on a surface and creating imagery that will be both beautiful and disturbing. I invite the viewer by using strong colours and simple, bold images. I entice the viewer to look closer and to become more thoughtful by using provocative imagery and text that can only be seen by close scrutiny of the work.

I am always evolving in my practice so that I can communicate my feelings and intentions more directly. I am currently working on expanding the scope and scale of my work to include larger paintings that are more gestural in nature.  I am drawing upon my experience as a scenic artist in both the execution of the work as well as the presentation of the final product.”

I am happy to create custom work based on any of the work that I have done and am open to a pitch that you might have for a new piece of work as long as it falls within the scope of my current exploration.