Bernadette PeetsBernadette Peets



Bernadette was born in Toronto where she currently lives and works. Her current studio is in the Akin Collective at 1485 Dupont Street.

Bernadette graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design in 1996 where she majored in Drawing, Painting and Art History. She lived in Florence Italy for two years (1987–88 & 1994–95) where she studied Art History and developed her craft as a painter.

She has explored many themes in her practise since graduating art college and while she has mainly used painting as her medium she has also included three dimensional installation work as well as other pictorial devices that include shadow boxes, photographs, drawing, printmaking and collage.

Her subjects of interest have been rooted in her political, social and aesthetic ideals. Whether she is using her work as a platform for a discussion on topics as diverse as the female body image to issues relating to the Indigenous Nations in Canada or simply as an expression of beauty, her approach is always connected to her strong sense of design, colour and technical precision. Making pictures as a form of narrative that is relatable to anyone viewing her work is what gives it meaning. Pictures can be explored in 2 or 3 dimensions and are not limited to painting.

Craft is important to her as an effective means of communication. She believes that having a high quality of execution in her work facilitates a more effective communication of her intent.